Relocating to a new city across the country can be stressful. To make the move more manageable and reduce stress, make a plan for packing, transport, and unpacking. Here are a few tips for moving cross-country.

Start Planning Your Move

Do not wait until you arrive in the new town to obtain information about your destination. Spend time learning about your new neighborhood. Look into services you’ll need, including schools, dentists, libraries, and health care facilities in the area. Learn about activities you will enjoy, options for transportation, and clubs or groups where you can make friends.

Make Lists to Stay Organized

Do not underestimate the importance of lists. Whether you prefer a small notebook or your electronic device, make lists pertaining to your move.

  • When moving, list businesses and people you’ll need to notify of your new address.
  • Organize and label your moving boxes and create a list to keep track of what’s in each box. Well-organized boxes make unpacking easier.
  • You might also want to create a to-do list of things to accomplish as you leave the old house. For example, make sure the utilities will be turned off, hire a housekeeper to clean the property thoroughly, and double-check storage spaces like the basement, garage, and attic to verify you’ve collected all your belongings.

Downsizing Before Moving Cross-Country

Long before the moving date, sort items throughout your home. You will find plenty of things you don’t want or need. There is no reason to waste time and money moving these items to your new home.

Belongings in good condition can be given to friends or neighbors or donated to a local charity. Host a yard sale. Selling your things allows you to eliminate necessary items and make some money for the move.

Moving Cross-Country is a Family Affair

If your cross-country move includes your partner or children, make sure they are part of the planning process. They may have questions or ideas you did not consider. Especially when moving with children, it’s important to include them in the planning and packing. Get them involved in packing non-breakable items and give kids tasks to complete to help with the move.

Professional Movers Make a Cross-Country Move More Efficient

Regardless of how much you own, the move will be more efficient if you hire professional help. While planning, research moving services in your area. Movers can do much work for you, including packing your belongings, loading the truck, and driving your things across the country.

Movers handle heavy furniture and use the correct packing supplies so none of your possessions will be lost or damaged. The movers can also unpack the truck at your new home.

When moving cross-country, start the work well ahead of time. Begin decluttering and downsizing before you start packing boxes. Get the entire family involved in this next adventure.

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