Clutter makes your home look and feel smaller. You do not have to master organization to clean up your space. Whether you have a disorganized closet or a cluttered household, here are a few tips to help you declutter your home.

Set Goals to Declutter Your Home

Before you dive into a decluttering project, make a plan. Regardless of the amount of stuff in your home, starting with clear goals helps you plan a way to tackle the task. Make a list of areas that need to be decluttered. Look at your schedule and set aside several blocks of time for working on each of these spaces.

Break up the Work

Most people find that decluttering is overwhelming and don’t even know where to begin. To make it easier, take a look at your goals list and break the areas into smaller ones. By tackling one small area at a time, you’ll start to feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re finished.

Choose rooms in order of priority, then divide that room into smaller spaces. For example, when working in the bedroom, you might divide it into the closet, under the bed, the dresser, and the surfaces.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

We often collect items and hang on to things we don’t need. To declutter your home, choose a place to begin and sort the belongings there into four groups: keep, donate, trash, and items that belong elsewhere in the home.

As you clean, put items you don’t need or use into the donation pile. Throw away damaged items that you can’t donate. Use a basket to collect stuff that belongs in another room. After you’ve sorted your belongings, put things back where they belong and make sure each item has a space.

Try Not to Get Stuck

While decluttering, you may come across an item with sentimental value and can’t decide what to do with it. When you find yourself in this situation, instead of wasting your time on that single item, set it aside. Continue working in the area and don’t lose focus. Once the space is clean, come back to the item and make your decision.

Declutter the Surfaces in Your Home

Do you use surfaces for storage? Inspect your home to see if nightstands, desks, coffee tables, and dressers are covered with things. If you tend to collect items on these surfaces regularly, use a decorative basket or bin to store things like your keys, phone, and wallet. Make an effort to put things away instead of leaving them to clutter surfaces around your home.

When you are ready to declutter your home, follow these tips so you’ll have a system to become clutter-free. A tidy home takes time and determination. Make goals and spend a few hours each week working toward clutter-free living spaces.

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