Getting your home ready before a vacation is usually the last thing you want to do, but knowing your house is secure will help you have a relaxing trip. Follow these simple steps to prepare your home for vacation and make your return stress-free.

How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Prepare Your Home for Vacation: Clean House

Clear the refrigerator of food that may spoil while you’re away, and take out the garbage. Wipe down countertops and do the dishes. A clean house won’t attract bugs, and your home will be tidy when you return.

Wash the laundry and put fresh sheets on the beds. You’ll be tired when you get home and appreciate a clean bed and house. Cleaning is one of the most overlooked ways to prepare your home for vacation, but it’s one of the most manageable and important steps.

Take Care of Maintenance

Set the thermostat to an appropriate temperature for the season that won’t drive up your electric bill. In the winter, don’t set the temperature below 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. Turn the thermostat up to 75 degrees in the summer as there’s no need to excessively cool an empty house. Unplug small appliances that aren’t in use, and if your lawn needs maintenance, automate your sprinklers and arrange for someone to mow the grass weekly while you’re away.

Prepare Your Home for Vacation: Hire a House or Pet-Sitter

Ask a neighbor or a trusted friend to stop by and care for your pets and plants. You’ll have peace of mind while you’re away. Alternatively, pay a housekeeper or professional pet-sitter to take care of things in your absence. Housesitters generally include watering plants and bringing in packages with their services. If you have animals and cannot find a sitter in your area, look into boarding options nearby.

Set a Timer for Your Lights

Setting lights to turn on randomly throughout the day and evening is another way to prepare your home for vacation. Lighting gives the illusion that someone is home and helps deter burglars. Install outdoor lights with motion sensors that will illuminate if someone approaches the house at night.

Ask the Post Office to Hold the Mail

If no one is available to pick up your mail, have the post office temporarily stop delivery. You can easily make the request online for the dates you’ll be away; it only takes a few minutes. Once you return, either pick up your mail at the post office or wait until your service resumes.

Double-Check Your Security System

The last thing to do to prepare your home for vacation is to make sure your home security system is activated. Check that the cameras and alarms are working, and lock every door and window in the house.

Follow the above tips to prepare your home for vacation so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

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