After listing your home, finding a buyer, and accepting an offer, there’s another step in the selling process. The buyer will likely schedule a home inspection before the sale is final. Homeowners should prepare for the inspection to make sure the process goes smoothly.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a way for buyers to learn about issues with their new property. As this inspection occurs before the closing date, there will be consequences if the inspector discovers a significant issue. Often the seller will be asked to repair issues or lower the price.

Provide Access to All Areas

During an inspection, the inspector will need to access all of the property. Homeowners can prepare for an inspection by making their home as accessible as possible. Remove any clutter, furniture, or other obstructions that will impede access to systems or areas in the home. Make sure the inspector can examine the basement, crawlspace, furnace room, underneath the sinks, and attics. Unlock any locked areas before the inspection. If the inspector isn’t able to access certain parts of the house, it will just raise more questions about its condition.

Clear the Home’s Perimeter to Prepare for an Inspection

To make sure your home is ready for inspection, clear the perimeter of the house. The inspector will assess components including the caulking, trim, siding, foundation, and every part of the exterior. Your preparation should involve clearing away excess foliage, trash cans, storage, or outdoor furniture that may be in the way. Fix any small issues like damaged siding.

Check Your Roof

The roof is a big-ticket item for buyers and will receive a lot of attention during the inspection. Prior to the inspector’s arrival, examine your roof and make repairs as needed. It is a good idea to clean the gutters and repair any missing or damaged shingles before the inspection.

When Preparing for an Inspection, Clean the House

A clean home will leave a better impression with the buyer during the inspection. While sellers tend to keep the home tidy, having the home professionally cleaned prior to the inspection will make it spotless. While cleanliness won’t generally be indicated in the inspector’s report, it will make the buyer feel more comfortable in the space.

Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

Another item to attend to when getting ready for a home inspection is your lighting. The inspector will turn on all of your lights, so if the bulbs are working it will be easier for the inspector to evaluate the electrical system. Dead light bulbs raise questions about the condition of the electrical system and fixtures.

As you prepare for an inspection, clean the house and provide easy access to your property. It will give the buyer a good impression and suggest that you have nothing to hide.

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