Do-it-yourself home renovations are becoming more popular among homeowners. Because people are home more and want to save money, they are learning how to spruce up their homes on their own. Painting the walls is a great DIY project, but it is not as simple as it may seem. Here are 5 tips to help you paint like a pro.

Consider the Weather

Humid and wet weather is not ideal for painting. The paint dries more slowly, which often causes dripping. To make the project easier and the finish smooth and blemish-free, paint the walls on a dry day with low humidity and no rain.

Paint Like a Pro with the Right Rollers and Brushes

Supplies for painting can get expensive, but it’s still more affordable than hiring professionals. When attempting to cut costs with cheaper materials, you’ll make more work for yourself correcting mistakes, replacing roller heads, and more. Prevent unnecessary work and mishaps by investing in quality brushes, painter’s tape, and rollers.

Protect Surfaces

Covering surfaces and objects that you do not want to be painted is a critical step. Painting is messy. Be sure to cover furniture and floors. Invest in some drop cloths, painter’s tape, and plenty of rags. Remove covers for outlets and light switches before starting.

Start From the Top

When painting, the pros recommend starting from the top after cutting in from the ceiling. This method allows any drips to be caught while painting the rest of the wall. Apply the roller in a “W” pattern for a smooth finish.

Use Primer to Paint Like a Pro

When you start a project, you want to finish as fast as possible. However, cutting corners causes mistakes. Though plenty of paint and primer combinations exist on the market, they are not ideal for all wall types and textures. For the best outcome, use a separate primer first. Though it may be more work and time, the results will be worth it.

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