You may be planning to move because the size of your family has increased or maybe you are relocating for a job. Each time you move, there are people and places you’ll want to notify about your new mailing address.

An Important Place to Notify of Your New Mailing Address is the Post Office

Even if you receive mainly junk mail, let the post office know when you have changed addresses. In our online world, you still need an official address to use for your credit cards and banking accounts or to serve on a jury.

If you live close to your local post office, fill out a change of address form at the office. You can also visit the change of address page and take care of it online.

Notify the DMV When You Move

Your state driver’s license is a necessary piece of identification. Your license is proof that you are a resident of a location, so the DMV is an important place to notify of your new mailing address.

The Utility Companies Need to Know Where to Provide Services

Utility services need to know your address for providing services and to bill for those services. These utilities are important to notify of your new mailing address.

  • Electric company
  • Natural gas
  • Water and sewer
  • Cable or satellite
  • Internet provider
  • Trash pickup

Your Bank, Credit Card, and Insurance Company Should be Notified of Your New Mailing Address

Notify your bank of your new mailing address. Since your financial matters are personal, you don’t want the people who moved into your old place to receive your bank statements. Every credit card you have is linked to your permanent home address and you’ll want to make sure you receive correspondence from your credit card companies. Your auto and homeowners insurance rates may change based on where you live. Notify insurance companies of your new mailing address.

Friends and Family Members Want to Know You’ve Moved

You may communicate mainly online with your friends and family members, but it’s still good for them to know your new mailing address. Send a group email or Facebook private message to trusted friends and family.

Moving to a new place is an exciting endeavor. Follow these tips on who to notify when you move to avoid any hassles once you’re in your new home.

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