Scientists tell us that global warming is here to stay, and heat waves are becoming more severe and last longer than in the past. Gardens have a hard time coping with the heat. Keep reading to learn how you can help your garden survive summer.

Water in the Early Morning or Late Evening 

One of the most important ways to help your garden survive summer is by watering at the right time. Watering in the middle of the day is wasteful. Most water will evaporate in the heat instead of sinking into the soil. The best times to water your garden are during the early morning before the sun gets hot or in the late evening when things start cooling down. That will allow your plants to soak up all the water they need.

Mulching Goes a Long Way to Help Your Garden Survive Summer

Mulching is another great way to help your garden because it helps the soil stay moist and cool and prevents weeds. A thick layer of mulch over cardboard will keep weeds away while retaining the moisture needed to survive the summer heat. 

Help Your Garden Survive Summer by Providing Shade 

Invest in sunshades or portable umbrellas to protect your most vulnerable plants from the peak summer heat. Plant sunflowers among smaller plants that are particularly vulnerable to the hot sun. Alternatively, buy some shade cloth and install it over the plants that most need protection against the summer sun. It’s relatively easy to do and inexpensive.

Install a Simple Irrigation System 

Irrigating your plants with a hose with tiny holes is another excellent way to help your garden. This method allows water to seep into the soil slowly. It doesn’t have to be buried very deep for the water it releases to reach your plants’ roots. Water delivered in this manner is much less likely to evaporate than using a conventional sprinkler system. 

Plant In Containers 

Container gardening is another great way to help your garden survive summer because when the sun gets too hot, you can move your plants into the shade. If you have a covered deck and your cucumbers start drooping in the noonday sun, simply move them to the deck until it cools down.

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