When the weather is nice, many of us like to spend time outdoors with family and friends. If you have a grill, you can make great-tasting foods to share with your guests. Here are some simple tips for grilling safety so you’ll enjoy your cookouts without worry or injury.

Keep the Grill Away from the House

Set up your grilling area at least 10 feet away from the house and any other structures. Make sure not to grill beneath overhanging tree limbs, an awning or canopy, or a patio umbrella. Make sure the grill is set up away from patio furniture.

Teach Children About Grilling Safety

Tell young children to stay at least five feet away from the grill. Teach them that the grill and cooking utensils are not toys. Children should never be allowed to climb on or play under the grill. Keep it covered when not in use to help discourage these behaviors.

When there are children or pets around, make sure there is another adult available to supervise while you prepare the food.

Clean the Grill

Food and fat residue can collect on the grill grates and may ignite. Each time you cook out, clean the grill thoroughly after it has cooled down. This will help prevent flare-ups the next time you grill.

If you’re using a charcoal grill, wait at least 48 hours for the coals to completely cool before disposing of them in a metal container.

Utensils are Important for Grilling Safety

Cooking on the grill requires grilling utensils. Regular kitchen utensils often have shorter handles and aren’t as safe as utensils made specifically for the grill. Your tongs, spatula, and basting brush should have long handles to keep you at a safe distance from the flames.

Have a Fire Extinguisher

Grease flare-ups can sometimes get out of control. Be prepared by keeping a fire extinguisher near your grilling area. Make sure you have the proper type of extinguisher and learn how to use it.

By following these basic precautions, you can grill safely and enjoy delicious food and good times with family and friends.

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