When you become a new homeowner, stocking your toolbox will be a small investment at first. However, having these essential do-it-yourself tools will pay off in the long run. Be prepared to tackle home maintenance and repair projects with these essentials for a homeowner’s tool kit.

Shop for a Toolbox to Store Essentials for a Homeowner’s Tool Kit

A toolbox is an important part of building your homeowner’s tool kit. Get a large plastic or metal box with a handle and a latch that closes securely. A least one removable tray with compartments is convenient for organizing smaller items.

Tape Measure

As a homeowner, you’ll need to measure everything from a wall to a window. When you’re buying new furniture, make sure it will fit into your space with a tape measure. Get a sturdy measuring tape made of metal so it will stay rigid when measuring. Choose one that is at least 12′ long.

A Hammer Belongs in Your Tool Kit

A 16-ounce claw hammer is useful for driving nails to hang pictures, fix a fence, or build a birdhouse. The curved claw end is for pulling nails out. Look for a general purpose hammer with a sturdy fiberglass or wood handle.

Duct Tape is Essential in Your Toolbox

Use duct tape for quickly fastening things around the house. This tape has a woven backing and sticks to almost everything, yet it is easy to rip and apply.

A Set of Pliers

Pliers are essentials for a homeowner’s tool kit. Use pliers to get a firm grip on anything. Find a set that includes a variety of different pliers, such as needle-nose, side-cutting tongue-and-groove, and slip-joint pliers.

Screwdrivers are Essentials for a Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Screwdrivers are tools that every homeowner needs. You’ll need one to open battery covers, install a light switch plate, tighten up cabinet hardware, and open paint can lids. Look for a set that includes all common sizes of both flathead and Phillips-head screws, and a shorter screwdriver to fit into tight spots.

A Work Light

A quality work light will illuminate your work under cabinets and dark spaces. Choose a light that’s rechargeable, with long-lasting LED bulbs. A headlamp is particularly useful so that you can use both hands for your task. You’ll be glad you have a work light in your homeowner’s tool kit.


Depending on its use, a handsaw is sometimes faster than a power saw. It is useful for simple cuts on lumber, molding, or trim.

Add a Utility Knife to Your Tool Kit

Utility knives are essentials for a homeowner’s tool kit and are great for opening boxes, trimming weatherstripping, and more. Get one with built-in blade storage and a comfortable rubber-covered handle.

Adjustable Wrenches are Essentials for a Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Wrenches are handy for tightening plumbing fixtures. Purchase these essential tools in two or three different sizes. The longer the handle, the more leverage you’ll have to loosen a stuck nut. A short handle wrench will serve you well in a tight space.

An Electric Drill

Choose a battery-powered drill that’s rechargeable and can go in reverse. Also get a set of drill bits, including screwdriver bits. A drill is a useful multi-purpose tool, good for drilling holes, driving and removing screws, and even stirring paint if you buy the proper bit.

Essentials for a Homeowner’s Tool Kit Includes a Level

A level is a must-have to hang pictures straight, install cabinets, or build a deck. A bubble level or a laser level will help you when your project needs to be level or lined up straight.

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